Victor Zavaleta

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Chicago Expert Certified Shamanic Reiki Energy Practitioner

Victor is a Certified Shamanic Reiki Energy Healer. He works with multiple healing energies to help the body to remove physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy blockages. Some of the more popular and well-known energies that Victor works with are Reiki, Alsemia, and Ashati amongst others. Victor has been trained in both hands-on and hands-off healing modalities including Shamanic Crystal Healing and Curanderismo, a predominantly Mesoamerican native healing modality, which uses the power of herbs, prayer, sacred space, candles, and other indigenous cleansing rites to help an individual heal on all levels.

Victor began his energy healing practice after successfully healing himself from a medical condition that required him to take up to 10 pills per day. After 2 years of working with Western medicine professionals, he decided to try a non-Western healing approach and began studying energy healing. While working on his certification, Victor used himself and his medical condition as a case study. Victor completed his Energy Healing certification in 2017 and has been helping people of all backgrounds find alternative treatments to their individual situations.

Victor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011. He has spent his time traveling the world and volunteering for international and local non-profit organizations some of which have been in South Africa, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Victor's Credentials

  • Energy Healer certified through The Ashati Institute and accredited through the Energy Therapies Association, 06/2017

  • Certified Shamanic Crystal Healing, Passage Into Power- Connection to Your Highest Potential, 07/ 2017

  • Certificate of Training, Shamanic Empowerment, Blissful Light, 10/2017

  • Certificate of Training, Dragon Lightworker Trilogy, Blissful Light, 11/2017

  • Certified Shaman/Curandero, Passage Into Power- Connection to Your Highest Potential, 09/ 2018

  • Candidate of Reiki Master/ Teacher Certification through the Ashati Institute, Expected Graduation: 12/2018


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