Success + Testimonials

“Amy helped me feel incredibly comfortable + relaxed. I went to see Amy when I was overdue with my first baby in hopes of kick-starting labor and it worked! She devised a plan that included a few visits to help ease on labor without doing anything too strong on my body. Turns out I only needed that first appointment as I went into labor the next evening. I had also been anxious and nervous about the pending labor as it was my first child and I found that after my visit with Amy I was much more relaxed and at ease with everything. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel incredibly comfortable with doing acupuncture at full term. I will definitely be going back to her earlier on for help with baby number two
— Elizabeth S., Chicago

My experience with Amy at Herb + Ōhm has beenbeyond my expectation. I have been seeing Amy on and off for about 6 months now, and I have to say that my experience with her has been beyond my expectation. I sought out acupuncture/Chinese medicine for symptoms of urinary incontinence along with longstanding back/leg pain and nerve symptoms- tingling, weakness. I had seen several Western doctors, including 3 specialists, who either told me the worst (I had a progressive neurological disease) or blew me off because my case was not severe enough to be interesting to them. I was frustrated, to say the least. I did go through a round of therapy, which helped some of the symptoms but did not resolve them entirely.

At this point, my urinary symptoms are 90-95% improved, which is amazing to me. After a year and a half, I was starting to think it would never change, but with Amy’s help, it has.  I would recommend Amy without hesitation to anyone who is looking for an holistic alternative to healing.
— A.J., Chicago

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Amy is amazing. I totally recommend her to anyone who has pain and wants to get rid of it.

I had terrible pain in my lower back and pain in both knees. After 3 treatments I have no pain in my knees and very minimal pain in my whole back. The knee pain has been nagging at me for at least a year and the back pain which was the reason that I came to Amy for treatment was so excruciating I couldn’t even lay on my stomach. After just 3 sessions the pain is gone. Amy is amazing. I totally recommend her to anyone who has pain and wants to get rid of it. Thank You Amy
— Mark K., Chicago